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Facing a complex CRA GST/HST audit can leave you feeling overwhelmed and uncertain. Fortunately, you don’t have to navigate this alone. At AIV Accounting and Taxation, we offer comprehensive support throughout the entire audit process, ensuring you have the expertise and peace of mind you need.

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About AIV: Your Canadian Ally for GST/HST Compliance

AIV is a leading Canadian accounting and taxation agency specializing in supporting businesses through CRA audits. With a proven track record of successfully resolving GST/HST disputes and minimizing audit risks, we are your trusted partner for navigating complex tax matters.

GST-HST AUdit in Canada

Testimonials From Satisfied Clients Who Have Utilized Our Services

Sarah Lee
Sarah LeeOwner, Lee & Associates
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AIV was a godsend during my recent CRA GST/HST audit. Their team was incredibly knowledgeable and professional, guiding me through the entire process with clarity and patience. They helped me understand the audit procedures and ensured I felt confident and prepared throughout. I highly recommend AIV to anyone facing a similar situation.
David Miller
David MillerCFO, Miller Enterprises
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Facing a CRA audit can be daunting, but AIV made the process significantly less stressful. Their expertise and proactive approach were invaluable. They identified potential issues beforehand and advocated effectively on my behalf, ultimately resulting in a positive outcome. I am grateful for their exceptional service.
Emily Jones
Emily JonesPresident, Jones Consulting Group
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The team at AIV went above and beyond to support me during my GST/HST audit. They were incredibly responsive, addressing all my questions promptly and thoroughly. Their personalized approach and clear communication helped me feel empowered throughout the process. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend AIV to any business owner facing a similar situation
Michael Brown
Michael Brown Director, Brown & Sons Inc
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AIV's expertise in CRA audits proved invaluable. They helped me navigate the complexities of the process with ease. Their attention to detail and meticulous organization ensured all documentation was presented accurately and efficiently. I am very pleased with the outcome and highly recommend their services.
Jessica Garcia
Jessica Garcia CEO, Garcia & Associates
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Working with AIV during our recent GST/HST audit was a positive experience. They provided clear guidance and ensured we understood every step of the process. Their proactive communication kept us informed and involved, making us feel confident throughout the audit.
William Davis
William Davis Owner, Davis Financial Services
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AIV's support during my CRA audit was instrumental in achieving a favourable outcome. Their in-depth knowledge of tax regulations and audit procedures and their negotiation skills helped significantly minimize potential penalties and interest. I am very impressed with their professionalism and expertise.
Katherine Thomas
Katherine ThomasManager, Thomas & Co
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AIV offered valuable support during my GST/HST audit. Their team was knowledgeable and efficient and kept me informed throughout the process. While the audit itself was stressful, their guidance and expertise helped alleviate some of the burden. I appreciate their assistance and recommend them to anyone facing a similar situation.
Mark Robinson
Mark RobinsonOwner, Robinson Consulting
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AIV provided professional and helpful guidance during my GST/HST audit. The process was informative, and their team was knowledgeable. However, the cost of their services was slightly higher than I initially anticipated.
Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth TaylorCFO, Taylor Enterprises Inc.
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While AIV helped me understand the audit process better and provided competent support, the final resolution took longer than expected. This caused some additional stress during an already stressful situation.
Daniel Moore
Daniel MoorePresident, Moore & Sons Ltd
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While AIV's team displayed expertise in GST/HST audits, they could have communicated updates more proactively throughout the process. This lack of regular communication caused some unnecessary anxiety during the audit.

Facing A CRA GST/HST Audit? Secure Professional Support For A Successful Outcome

Understanding the CRA GST/HST Audit Process and Preparing for a Successful Review

A CRA GST/HST audit involves a review of your business records to ensure compliance with relevant tax regulations. Being prepared is key. We help you understand the audit stages, gather necessary documents, and respond to inquiries effectively.

Common Reasons for GST/HST Reassessments

Several factors can trigger a GST/HST reassessment, including:

  • Discrepancies between reported sales and purchases.
  • Missing or inaccurate invoices.
  • Ineligible input tax credit (ITC) claims.
  • Unclear record-keeping practices.
CRA GST-HST Reassessments Canada

Understanding Input Tax Credits (ITCs) in GST/HST Audits

ITCs represent a vital part of GST/HST recovery for businesses. AIV ensures you understand the eligibility criteria and claim ITCs accurately, minimizing potential audit adjustments.

Tax collection delays or errors can raise red flags during an audit. We help you implement efficient collection processes to ensure timely payments and avoid potential issues.

Employee benefits can impact your GST/HST obligations. We guide you on properly treating various benefits and ensure they are reflected accurately in your tax filings.

Facing penalties and interest can be stressful. We work to identify opportunities to minimize their impact and advocate for your best interests throughout the audit process.

You Should Know The 3 Key Areas CRA Inspectors Scrutinize During GST/HST Audits

Having documented and well-defined expense policies ensures consistency and compliance with GST/HST regulations.

A robust system safeguards against non-compliant expenses and strengthens your internal controls.

Thorough record-keeping practices, including invoices, receipts, and supporting documentation, are crucial for keeping your claims and ensuring a smooth audit experience.

More Service We Offer In Canada

Ensure Accurate And Efficient GST/HST Filing With AIV's Support

Don’t face the complexities of a CRA GST/HST audit alone. At AIV, we offer dedicated support, including:

  • Pre-audit preparation and risk assessment
  • Comprehensive document review and organization
  • Representation during CRA interactions
  • Negotiation and advocacy on your behalf
  • Assistance with filing adjustments and appeals

Contact AIV today and let us guide you through every step of the CRA GST/HST audit process, ensuring a worry-free and successful outcome.

Our goal is to help people in the best way possible. this is a basic principle in every case and cause for success. contact us today for a free consultation. 

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